Big data drives new service theme, Sevalo 2018 machinery supply chain summit meeting at East lake and Sevalos 15th Anniversary Annual Meeting



January 3-4, 2018, Sevalo summit meeting and Sevalos fifteenth Anniversary Annual Meeting held successfully in beautiful Donghu Hotel, Wuhan.


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There are our guests: Vice President of Sales and Marketing Mr. Oukjin Jeong from Doosan Intracores Construction Equipment China branch, West branch president Mr. Noh from Doosan Intracores Construction Equipment China branch, Deputy General Manager Mr. Tang Junbin from SDLG, Sales General Manager of China Mr. Ye Wenpeng from Dynapac Fayat Group Pavement equipment China branch, Sales Director of China Mr. Pang Lei from Dynapac Fayat Group Pavement equipment China branch, After-sales Service Director of China Mr. Xiong Wei from Dynapac Fayat Group Pavement equipment China branch, National Sales Director Mr. Zhang Xuequan from Atlas Copco Group, Director of Material Processing Business Mr. Yin Xisheng from Terex Corporation China Investment Company, Sevalos Chief legal counsel Mr. Zhu Zhongxi from Beijing Wanbo Law Firm, Chairman of the Sevalo Group Mr. Yang Yihua, President Mrs. Liu Jialin from Sevalo Group, and nearly 170 people gathered here, exchanging ideas with a theme of Big data drives new service at East Lake.



Sevalos fifth Anniversary Annual Meeting, Sevalos Strategic Seminar in the context of the rise of Central China was held at East Lake hotel. This time, this day, in the era of big data, we gather at East Lake hotel again, it is significant.



Summit meeting officially begin in the early morning on January 4, 2018. After the exciting team show, chairman of the Sevalo Mr. Yang Yihua be the first to make a speech believe in myself, believe in future, conveys the outlook for big data applications and Strategic planning for 2018 with passion.



After that, Co-founder and president Mr. Wang bin from Yiou company makes a Data Driven Business theme speech, point out a clear direction in the future for Sevalo.



Subsequently, Big data Manager Ms. Shen Rong from Sevalo shares a Big Data Operation Road speech, comprehensive summarizes the big data types in these fifteen years, and ways to apply in the future.



In addition, IT Director Mr. Zhan Xuefeng from Sevalo also brings a report of Enterprise Resource Planning future system construction, clarify the strategic planning of IT systems in the next three years.



Simultaneously, Chairman Ms. Liu Lan of Sevalo Guangxi as the host, the conference hold on the Big Data Summit Forum, leaders and customers in all sections exchange ideas to have a deeper understanding of big data applications.



At 11 am, General Manager Ms. Hou Fang from EXiaoma brings us an introduction to the EXiaoma 2.1 Platform based on big data, meantime, invite guests co-sponsored the Exiaoma 2.1 of release 2.1, we believe Exiaoma will be able to provide more and better services to users in the future.



In the afternoon, the meeting begins with an annual incentive. After that President Mrs. Liu Jialin does the president's report for this annual meeting, in-depth interpretation for major events and operations in Sevalo in 2017, and made strategic guidance and requirements to achieve more profit in 2018.



Instantly, Minister of service Mr. Xiang Fei from Sevalo Sichuan host the debate as the topic does Sevalo need a partner?, let Sevalo employees are more aware of the meaning and value of the existence of partners.



Afterwards, the 2017 Annual Awards Ceremony was held at the conference, honoring outstanding teams and employees, the atmosphere is warm.



Making money with ethical, be a respectable company. A charity donation session is also held at the annual meeting, Sevalo and the users donate 500,000 Yuan to Hubei Youth Foundation together, to fund Hope Primary School and Left-behind Children. At the same time, our dear customers also participate in it, Zhang Dongliang from Xinjiang, Lai Jinzhong from Guangxi won "50,000 Yuan charity purchase payment money" at the scene, all the money will be donated to Hope Primary School.



In the evening, the affecting awards ceremony and the lively party ended. Here we have full of joy and expectation for the future between every toast.



East Lake Summit Keywords: Big Data



This annual meeting is around big data development from beginning to end, in the context of the interconnection of all things, our guests share the bonus bring by big data. Follow up with the mobile internet, big data is also growing dramatically, the Internet is the product of innovation, exists in various industries. In the future, the construction of new engineering machinery service is also inseparable from the support of big data.



East Lake Summit Keywords: Fifteenth Anniversary



This annual meeting is not only a second time visit to East Lake Hotel after ten years, but also a fifteenth anniversary celebration of Sevalos establishment. It has been fifteen years since Sevalo founded in year 2002. The meeting is filled with a strong flavor of birthday.



East Lake Summit Keywords: Grateful



The word "grateful" is the substance in this annual meeting. This gratitude is not only being grateful to our customers, but also to our Sevalos employees for their fifteen years companionship. This annual meeting also invites five people who had left Sevalo for some reasons but made outstanding contributions before, and thanks again for their efforts to Sevalo.













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